Witness series – Youth In Europe: How the Council of Europe-EU partnership helps vulnerable young Europeans

“We want to empower young people and bring out their potential,” says Karin Lopatta-Loibl, the European Union’s Directorate General for Education and Culture Youth Policy Officer, in this podcast interview. “We want to see what they need to be autonomous and to live a self-defined autonomous life.”

Podcast: Bringing a European dimension to youth work

In this podcast, youth workers from across Europe discuss their work with vulnerable young people and the Council of Europe’s efforts to provide a European dimension to their activities.

Video: ‘United For Dignity’ – Young Roma and the fight against multiple discrimination

Key speakers, contributors and the rap group De La Negra are featured in this video report on the conference ‘United For Dignity,’ which took place earlier this week at the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg.

Nils Muižnieks: My fears for Europe’s youth

“Due to chronic unemployment, many young people are losing hope in the future of their countries, their faith in the political elite, and their belief in Europe,” the Commissioner for Human Rights declared today.

Podcast: Politics, youth alienation and the end of the inter-generational contract

As voters in European Union countries prepare to go to the polls, Marta Medlinska, Co-ordinator of the Council of Europe – EU youth partnership programme discusses the reasons for youth alienation from mainstream politics.