Video: Preview – World Forum For Democracy

In this video, Irina Guidikova looks ahead to the main themes and features of next month’s World Forum for Democracy.

Podcasts: Franseza Pardoe’s World Forum for Democracy viewpoints

Audio interviews with Ricardo Gutiérrez, Secretary General of the European Federation of Journalists and Denis Huber, of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities complete Franseza Pardoe’s reports from this year’s World Forum for Democracy.

Video: The Age Of Terror – ‘Home-grown jihadists’

In this video from the World Forum For Democracy 2015, Mayor of Saverne, Stéphane Leyenberger, discusses the causes of ‘home grown jihadists.’

Franseza Pardoe’s World Forum for Democracy report: “Can effective education help combat radicalism?”

Franseza Pardoe reports from the World Forum for Democracy discussion on how edcation strategy, allied to an inter-cultural approach, impacts upon the central theme of freedom v. security.

Franseza Pardoe’s World Forum for Democracy report: ‘How to counter the tendency of intelligence services to become a state within the state?’

In the “age of terror”, how can democratic societies guarantee that intelligence services are held accountable? This was the central theme discussed by Lab 1 of the World Forum for Democracy.