Live report: Women in the economy

Gender inequality in the workplace is real, with enduring structural barriers, low pay and precarious job situations worsening the discrimination experienced by many women, two experts confirmed earlier today.

Jagland targets sexist hatespeech in International Women’s Day celebration

“Sexist hate speech has devastating consequences for girls and women, but is not taken seriously enough and is often considered less severe than other forms of hate speech,” Thorbjørn Jagland declared.

Nils Muižnieks: Migrant women and girls need stronger human rights protection

Women and children now form the majority of migrants entering Europe and are in need of stronger human rights protection, according to the Commissioner for Human Rights

Muižnieks: Serbia must take action against country’s “unprecedented level of domestic violence”

A new human rights report published today, urges Serbia to take action against the “unprecedented level of domestic violence” in the country.

Women’s safety ‘Istanbul Treaty’ enters into force

Known also as the “Istanbul Convention” because it was opened for signature there three years ago, the treaty obliges the governments which have ratified it to take specific steps to counter all forms of violence against women: from stalking and sexual harassment to domestic violence, forced marriage and female genital mutilation.