United Kingdom: Homeless Birmingham mum loses council housing human rights complaint

The case concerned the legislative scheme in the United Kingdom under which local authorities have a duty to provide housing to the homeless.

Court: ‘Naked Rambler’ bids for new hearing into United Kingdom human rights complaint

Next week, Stephen Peter Gough, dubbed the ‘Naked Rambler’ will hope human rights judges agree to his request for a new hearing into his complaint against the United Kingdom.

United Kingdom: Human rights news file 2014

A review of how events in Strasbourg and in the United Kingdom have helped to shape this year’s human rights news.

Court halts UK plans for US extradition of terrorist suspect

The case concerned the complaint by Haroon Aswat, who is detained in the United Kingdom, that his extradition to the United States of America would amount to ill-treatment, in particular because the detention conditions (a potentially long period of pre-trial detention and his possible placement in a “supermax” prison) were likely to exacerbate his condition of paranoid schizophrenia.

Animal rights activists banned from UK television await court ruling

The case concerns the complaint by a non-governmental organisation that it has been denied the possibility to advertise on TV or radio.