Russia: Assembly urges sanctions over Nadiya Savchenko trial and detention

It wants member states to enforce travel bans and ensure the freezing of accounts against individuals involved in the kidnapping, unlawful detention, unfair trial and conviction of Savchenko, to force her release.

Nils Muižnieks: Accountability for serious human rights violations is key to Ukraine’s reconciliation process

The Commissioner for Human Rights wants the perpetrators of serious human rights abuses brought to justice.

Podcast: Maria Tomak – Ukraine Assembly member Nadiia Savchenko’s health is worsening after 40 day hunger strike

Savchenko has not eaten for more than 40 days. “Her health is getting worse and worse everyday,” says Tomak, who took part in an assembly hearing on the ‘humanitarian concerns with regard to captured people during the conflict in Ukraine.’

Ukraine: Convicted killer awarded €10,000 after Strasbourg ruling that he suffered inhuman and degrading treatment

During his imprisonment Oleg Rodzevillo spent most of his day in a rat-infested basement cell, without basic furniture and almost no daylight or fresh air. Food was also scarce and consisted mostly of bread and cereal. Rodzevillo also complained that he didn’t receive medical care.

Human rights commissioner publishes report on the impact of the eastern Ukraine conflict

Some two million people face severe hardship due to the conflict in eastern Ukraine, the Commissioner for Human Rights Nils Muižnieks, warns today in a new report.