Turkey: Court set for judgement on Can Erzincan TV journalist’s pre-trial detention human rights complaint

The cases concern the pre-trial detention of two journalists following the attempted military coup of 15 July 2016.

Turkey: Court awards €4,000 to parents after daughter’s fatal tonsil surgery

The case concerned allegations of medical negligence in relation to the death of Günay’s daughter after the tonsilectomy.

Turkey: Human rights judges reject father’s complaint alleging son’s circumcision was botched

The case concerned the applicant’s claim that his son had sustained physical harm as a result of an allegedly botched circumcision.

European court rules against Turkey in paraplegic student’s university access human rights dispute

The case concerned the impossibility for a paraplegic person (Enver Şahin) to gain access to the university buildings for the purpose of his studies owing to the lack of suitable facilities.

Turkey: Court decision in university students’ Kurdish language complaint

Human rights judges have ruled that Turkey was wrong to suspend or expel seven university students who requested Kurdish language classes.