Turkey: Court awards €4,000 to parents after daughter’s fatal tonsil surgery

The case concerned allegations of medical negligence in relation to the death of Günay’s daughter after the tonsilectomy.

Turkey: Human rights judges reject father’s complaint alleging son’s circumcision was botched

The case concerned the applicant’s claim that his son had sustained physical harm as a result of an allegedly botched circumcision.

European court rules against Turkey in paraplegic student’s university access human rights dispute

The case concerned the impossibility for a paraplegic person (Enver Şahin) to gain access to the university buildings for the purpose of his studies owing to the lack of suitable facilities.

Turkey: Court decision in university students’ Kurdish language complaint

Human rights judges have ruled that Turkey was wrong to suspend or expel seven university students who requested Kurdish language classes.

Turkish opposition party complaint about April 2017 referendum on president’s powers declared inadmissible

The case of Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi v. Turkey (application no. 48818/17) concerned a complaint by a Turkish opposition party about the referendum held on 16 April 2017, on the modification and repeal of constitutional provisions dealing with presidential powers.