Court: Turkey wrong to detain former Constitutional Court judge after attempted coup

The applicant, Alparslan Altan, a former member of the Turkish Constitutional Court, is currently detained. and was today awarded 10,000 euros in respect of non-pecuniary damage

Turkey: Disabled bomber awaits court decision on prison conditions

The case concerns Civan Boltan’s conditions of detention in the light of his disability, as well as the lack of prospects for his eventual release, given that he was sentenced to aggravated life imprisonment.

Cyprus and Turkey: Court judgement in triple murder human rights complaint

The case concerned the investigation into the killing of three Cypriot nationals of Turkish Cypriot origin in the Cypriot-Government controlled area of Cyprus in 2005. The killers fled back to the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus” (the “TRNC”).

Turkey: Court backs Seventh Day Adventists in human rights row

The case concerned the Turkish courts’ refusal to include the foundation in question in the official register on the grounds that domestic law did not allow foundations to serve the sole interests of members of a specific community.

Turkey : Court rejects Abdullah Öcalan’s complaint alleging ill-treatment

An application from Abdullah Öcalan about allegations of ill-treatment has been declared inadmissible by the Europea Court of Human Rights.