United Kingdom: Grand Chamber ruling on London bombers human rights complaint

Court rules on delaying access to lawyers during police questioning of 21 July London bombers.

Podcast: UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Privacy Joseph Cannataci on terrorism, security and internet freedom

“If we, in the name of security, impinge upon privacy to the extent that we change the way that our world is, the terrorists have won,” said Prof. Joseph Cannataci, UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Privacy at a Strasbourg internet freedom conference earlier today.

France confirms six month state of emergency extension after Nice murders

Following the murderous attack in Nice, French authorities have confirmed to the Council of Europe the extension by six months of the country’s State of Emergency.

Romania: Grand chamber hearing for Guantanamo terrorism suspect’s secret rendition and torture complaint

The case concerns the alleged “rendition” of a man suspected of terrorist acts to CIA secret detention sites, where, according to his submissions, illegal interrogation methods amounting to torture were used.

Podcast: Rama Yade – ISIS terrorist killers should be tried by the international court

“The crime is global, so justice must be global,” says the French presidential candidate. “The International Court should be competent to judge these people.”