Switzerland: Compulsory prison work for pensioner does not breach human rights convention

The case concerned the requirement for a prisoner to work beyond the retirement age.

Switzerland: Child-bride Afghan asylum-seeker loses human rights challenge

Strasbourg judges ruled today that Switzerland was under no obligation to recognise the marriage of a 14-year old child, in its review of two asylum applications.

Switzerland: Syrian asylum-seeker hopes for victory in human rights row over Italy return

Next week, a Syrian asylum-seeker hopes human rights judges will rule against Switzerland’s efforts to send him back to Italy, where he fears he will be ill-treated.

Switzerland: Court ruling to spotlight the right to remain silent during a police interview

The applicant Ms Schmid-Laffer was interviewed by police and gave detailed statements. She was later confessed to having incited another man to murder her husband.

Switzerland: Journalist’s car-ram killings human rights complaint returns to court

Legal argument over a journalist’s reporting of the deaths of three people in Switzerland, will resume next month at the European court.