Switzerland: Compulsory mixed school swim lessons spark Muslim parents’ human rights complaint

The case concerns the refusal of Muslim parents to send their daughters, who had not yet reached puberty, to compulsory mixed swimming lessons as part of their schooling.

Switzerland: Anti-torture report warns against life imprisonment and Geneva drug task force police brutality

An expert anti-torture report on Switzerland expresses “serious reservations” about the continued use of life imprisonment and raises allegations of police brutality linked to the Geneva canton drug task force.

Switzerland: Court judgement in university professor anti-Semitism human rights row

The case concerned a judgment against the CICAD association in civil proceedings for describing statements by a university professor as anti-Semitic on its website.

Switzerland: Compulsory prison work for pensioner does not breach human rights convention

The case concerned the requirement for a prisoner to work beyond the retirement age.

Switzerland: Child-bride Afghan asylum-seeker loses human rights challenge

Strasbourg judges ruled today that Switzerland was under no obligation to recognise the marriage of a 14-year old child, in its review of two asylum applications.