Court backs Switzerland over “accident compenasation” insurance snooping

The European court declared ill-founded an application concerning the surveillance of an insured person in public areas by investigators from a private insurance company.

Switzerland: Former Uefa President Michel Platini lodges complaint with European Court

Football midfield great and former UEFA boss Michel Platini has lodged a complaint with the European Court, alleging his human rights have been violated.

Switzerland: Court backs anti-racism NGO in minarets referendum free expression complaint

The case concerned a complaint by a non-governmental organisation that its right to freedom of expression had been infringed because the domestic courts had found that it had defamed a politician by classifying his remarks at a speech during a campaign ahead of a 2009 referendum on banning minarets in Switzerland as “verbal racism.”

Court backs Switzerland over journalist’s publication of pedophilia allegations

A decision by Swiss authorities to fine a journalist for breaching the secrecy of judicial investigation into alleged paedophilia, did not violate European human rights law.

Switzerland: Court rejects Muslim parents’ human rights objection to daughters’ compulsory mixed swimming lessons

The case concerned the refusal of Muslim parents to send their daughters, who had not reached the age of puberty, to compulsory mixed swimming lessons as part of their schooling and the authorities’ refusal to grant them an exemption.