Sweden: Court set for judgment on Iranian Christian convert ‘death risk’ asylum complaint

The case concerns the refusal of asylum to an Iranian national who alleges that, if expelled to Iran, he would be at a real risk of being persecuted and punished or sentenced to death.

Sweden: New human rights hearing into ‘al-Queda in Iraq’ deportation dispute

Next month, human rights judges will listen to legal arguments in a complaint brought by an Iraqi family challenging deportation from Sweden. The married couple and son fear that removal from the country would put them at risk of persecution …

Podcast: Julia Kronlid – Migration, foreign fighters and social cohesion in Sweden

Sweden Democrats MP and Parliamentary Assembly member Julia Kronlid, discusses migration, the threat of foreign fighters and social cohesion in her home country.

Sweden: Court gives green-light for ‘al Queda target’ family’s return to Iraq

The family claimed that it were at risk of persecution by al-Qaeda if deported to Iraq on account of the applicant husband having run a business in Baghdad with exclusively American clients.

Sweden: Gay asylum-seeker seeks court backing against Libya return

Relying on Article 3 (prohibition of torture and of inhuman or degrading treatment) of the European Convention on Human Rights, M.E. alleges in particular that, if he were forced to return to Libya to apply for family reunion from there, he would be at real risk of persecution and ill-treatment, primarily because of his homosexuality.