Sweden: Court set for judgement in ‘state surveillance of activists’ human rights complaint

The case concerns in particular the interception of communications in Sweden.

Podcast: Two hundred and fifty years of free speech in Sweden – celebrations and challenges

This podcast, featuring a historian, a diplomat, free expression expert Mélody Patry and the Commissioner for Human Rights Nils Muižnieks, explores the evolution of free speech in the country and the challenges it faces now from creeping censorship and “fake news.”

Court backs Sweden over blog’s Nazi jibe

A refusal to hold the owner of a blog liable for a defamatory anonymous online comment did not violate the convention.

Podcast: Moein Hosseini – ‘From Tehran to Stockholm – My refugee story’

In this podcast, Iranian Moein Hosseini talks frankly about his flight from Tehran to Stockholm as a teenager and the three-year journey from school to his new life as a documentary film-maker and refugee rights activist in Sweden.

Sweden: Sudanese family loses female genital mutilation deportation complaint

The case concerned the family’s complaint that two daughters would be at risk of being exposed to female genital mutilation (“FGM”) if they were expelled to Sudan.