Spain: Pensioner is victor in noisy clubs and bars human rights row

A pensioner has today won his human rights case against Spanish authorities, complaining successfully that the pubs, clubs and discos in Valencia were too noisy.

Spain: Covert video surveillance of supermarket workers led to privacy violation

The applicants were dismissed mainly on the basis of the video material, which they alleged had been obtained by breaching their right to privacy.

Report: Spain’s compliance with anti-corruption standards “remains globally unsatisfactory”

The Council of Europe’s anti-corruption body GRECO today published a report assessing Spain’s compliance with its recommendations to combat corruption in respect of members of parliament, judges and prosecutors.

New anti-torture report on Spain

Anti-torture experts want Spain to put an end to its “incommunicado detention regime,” to protect criminal suspects from the “intrinsic potential for ill-treatment” but national authorities claim the measure is needed “in the context of the fight against terrorism.”

Spain: Court backs migrants over ‘collective expulsion’ human rights complaint

The immediate return to Morocco of sub-Saharan migrants who were attempting to enter Spanish territory in Melilla amounted to a collective expulsion of foreign nationals, in breach of the convention.