Spain: Strasbourg court ruling in same-sex survivor pension rights row

The case concerned the applicant’s complaint of having been discriminated against on the ground of his sexual orientation in that he was denied a survivor’s pension following the death of his partner, with whom he had lived in a de facto marital relationship.

Spain: Judges reject complaint against court ban on Islamic headdress

The case concerned a lawyer (the applicant) who was asked by the president of a court to return to the area reserved for members of the public, on the ground that barristers appearing before the court could cover their heads only with the official cap (biretta).

Spain: Lawyer’s complaint returns Islamic clothing to human rights spotlight

A woman’s wish to wear her Muslim headscarf in court will return the issue of Islamic clothing to the human rights spotlight next week.

Spain: New Parliamentary Assembly President Pedro Agramunt sets out priorities

The fight against international terrorism, Europe’s refugee crisis, ‘frozen conflicts’ and the chalenge of populism have been targetted by the new assembly president.

Spain: Regional and minority language-users face “significant problems”

The Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers has now issued six recommendations to the Spanish authorities on the application of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages.