Something for the weekend (35)

Azerbaijan hopes for Athletico Madrid party after a week in the media’s firing range; Allegations of police torture in Montenegro; Racial profiling in Sweden and a Br-Exit amen chorus in the United Kingdom…. Something for the weekend

Something for the weekend (33)

A thumbs-up for the release of international monitors, a thumbs-down from media professionals, lawyers and civil society over human rights protection in Azerbaijan and a glorious, two-fingered victory salute in celebration of the Council of Europe’s 65th anniversary…. Something for the weekend.

Something for the weekend (32)

Commemorations of William Shakespeare’s birthday, celebrations of a landmark treaty, affirmation of the importance of web governance and joy at Jodie Foster’s nuptials, ensured that the cup of the Council of Europe’s Twitterverse ranneth over this Easter week.

Something for the weekend (31)

Fear and loathing stalked the Parliamentary Assembly, as Russia’s delegation was stripped of its voting privileges, Edward Snowden took centre stage, religious groups challenged “sect observatories” and Vicky Claeys warned of the “war against women” … Something for the weekend!

Something for the weekend (30)

A looming showdown over Crimea, joy for the ‘Clash of Civilisations’ enthusiasts, more religious fury over ‘sects’ debate, the pushback against LGBT rights and fighting ‘Roma-phobia’ …. something for the weekend!