Something for the weekend (45)

Red bottoms in France, shocked and saddened faces in Russia and minds turned half-crazy across the prison planet, gave a distinctly personal feel to this week’s human rights news… Something for the weekend!

Something for the weekend (44)

Lithuania demands Russia sanction; the principles at stake in post-Charlie Hebdo Europe, ‘Roma-phobia,’ an endorsement from UKIP’s Nigel Farage and will Hollywood glamour, history and human rights combine to make Strasbourg the new Darfur? Something for the weekend – the whatever next edition!

Something for the weekend (43)

In this week’s ‘the rubber hits the road edition’ – Strasbourg gets ready for the visit of Pope Francis, Europe’s police get ready for more effective community outreach with an anti-hate crime conference, Secretary General Jagland gets ready for Moscow and Ukraine’s 450,000 plus displaced people get ready for winter!

Something for the weekend (42)

In this edition of ‘Something for the weekend’ – Jeremy ’2brains’ Rifkin wows the World Forum for Democracy, concern over Belarus’ third execution this year, encouragement for Kosovo youth, a bit of Belgian tub thumping, the Parliamentary Assembly’s visit to the Calais migrant centre and the newspaper row with Azerbaijan.

Something for the weekend (41)

Nils Muižnieks cries foul in Crimea; a Polish appeal against the European Court’s €230,000 secret rendition judgement, the third annual World Forum for Democracy and the rights and wrongs of social nudity – Something for the weekend.