Russia: Court rules against use of metal cages in court proceedings

The case was brought by the applicants, Ruslan Vladimiovich Vorontsov, Aleksandr Nikolayevich Susarin and Yevgeniy Vladimirovich Belyayev. They complained against their confinement in metal cages during criminal proceedings against them.

Russia: Jazz critic’s free expression complaint backed by human rights judges

The case concerned Sergey Terentyev‘s liability for defamation.

Court: Life sentencing in Russia is not discriminatory

Human rights judges rejected complaints against Russia and ruled that life sentencing in the country is not discriminatory.

Court: Ban on US nationals adopting Russian children led to unlawful discrimination

The applications were brought by 45 US nationals: both on their own behalf, and on behalf of 27 Russian children.

Russia: Pedro Agramunt – “The voice of MPs from all Europe’s 47 countries must be heard in the Assembly”

” The Parliamentary Assembly brings together 47 member States of the CoE, not 46,” said Parliamentary Assembly president Pedro Agramunt, at the end of his visit to Russia.