Court: Jailing Russian prisoners far from families breached human rights law

The applicants in the case complained that the decisions to allocate prisoners to remote penal facilities -and their subsequent inability to obtain transfers – had violated their right to respect for family life.

Court rulings to spotlight human rights protection in Russia

Two European court rulings expected tomorrow will place human rights protection in Russia under the spotlight.

Russia: Court makes €160,000 award after backing ‘right to protest’ complaint

Judges have ruled that Russian local authorities repeatedly undermined public protests against alleged corruption, ineffective governance and the repression of civil liberties, contravening European human rights laws.

Russia: Court judgement looms in ‘right to protest’ complaint

The applicants are 23 Russian nationals. They allege that the local authorities imposed restrictions on the location, time or manner of conduct of peaceful assemblies planned by them, without any proper justification.

Russia: Court rules against use of metal cages in court proceedings

The case was brought by the applicants, Ruslan Vladimiovich Vorontsov, Aleksandr Nikolayevich Susarin and Yevgeniy Vladimirovich Belyayev. They complained against their confinement in metal cages during criminal proceedings against them.