Russia: Court ruling on ‘LGBT’ human rights dispute

A refusal by Russia’s authorities to register three gay rights organisations was declared “unjustified and discriminatory,” under the European Convention on Human Rights.

Russia: Serious domestic abuse leads to €25,000 human rights award

The case concerned the applicant’s complaint that the Russian authorities had failed to protect her from repeated domestic violence, including assaults, kidnapping, stalking and threats.

Court: Russia’s house-arrest order and restrictions on opposition activist Navalnyy breached human rights laws

The case concerned Aleksey Anatolyevich Navalnyy being held under house arrest during a criminal investigation against him and the restrictive measures imposed on him during that time.

Russia: Court judgement in ‘grandparent’s child access’ rights battle

The case concerned a grandfather who wanted to maintain ties with his granddaughter after her adoption by another family.

Court: Lithuanian border guards’ block on Russian migrants asylum applications violated human rights law

The case concerned a Russian family of seven who, after leaving Chechnya, tried on three separate occasions to seek asylum in Lithuania. Each time, they were refused the right to make an application at the border.