Russia: Court judgement on life prisoner regime

The European court ruling followed a complaint concerning from a life prisoner about various restrictions on family visits during ten years of his detention in a special regime correctional colony.

Romania: Conference to target strategic threat of prison radicalisation

Contributors will also examine whether and how opening prisons to outside agencies, private companies, civil society and the local communities could help to better prepare prisoners for release without undermining safety and security.

Court: Hungary must take action against prison overcrowding

Following a judgement today, the European Court of Human Rights revealed that it has some 450 applications pending against Hungary concerning complaints about inadequate conditions of detention.

Bulgaria: Whole life prisoner wants human rights sanction for strict regime

The case concerns the strict prison regime, involving isolation, of life prisoner Halil Adem Hasan.

Podcast: Is solitary confinement a key to curbing jail radicalisation and jihadi murders?

Oxford University academic Dr Sharon Shalev, fears that terrorist acts committed by former prisoners have encouraged politicians to see isolation as an effective means of preventing the spread of islamism.