Poland: Nils Muižnieks concerned by new constitutional tribunal bill

“I am very concerned at the adoption by the Polish Sejm of a bill on the Constitutional Tribunal yesterday because it poses a serious threat to the rule of law” said the Commissioner for Human Rights.

Poland: Media-political free expression rows set for human rights judgement

Two freedom of expression disputes in Poland reach judgement day tomorrow at the European Court of Human Rights.

Poland: Driver awaits court ruling in police pepper spray human rights row

The case concerns an allegation of excessive use of force by the police.

Nils Muižnieks: Erosion of rule of law threatens human rights protection in Poland

Speaking earlier today at a press conference in Warsaw to launch his country report, the Commissioner for Human Rights urged the Polish government to “change course” urgently.

Court: Judges set for judgements on sex assault human rights complaints against Poland and Romania

Tomorrow, judges will deliver their judgements on human rights complaints against Poland and Romania, arising from sexual assaults on young girls.