Court gives notification to Poland of case concerning judicial reform

The case concerns judicial reform in Poland, which resulted in the mandate of a Supreme Administrative Court Judge elected to the National Council of the Judiciary being terminated before the end of its four-year term.

Poland: Court declares inadmissible complaint about parliamentary corruption allegations

The case concerns the adoption, by the Sejm (Polish Parliament), of a report concerning allegations of corruption in connection with the amendment of the Broadcasting Act.

Poland: Crime suspects face ‘appreciable risk” of police ill-treatment

Anti-torture experts say crime suspects face the “appreciable risk” of being ill-treated when in the custody of Poland’s police.

Poland: Court rejects adoptive parents child custody complaint against biological mum

The court confirmed today that the rights of prospective adoptive parents could not override those of the child.

Venice Commission: Poland’s recent reforms constitute “grave threat” to judiciary

In an opinion adopted today, the Council of Europe’s Commission for Democracy through Law (“Venice Commission”) concludes that the cumulative effect of proposed reforms to two laws and recently adopted amendments to a third law “puts at serious risk” the independence of “all parts” of the Polish judiciary.