Moldova: Human rights protection under spotlight

Judges’ human rights decisions in a rape case and a complaint against police brutality, leading to awards totalling €24,000, have placed the spotlight on human rights protection in Moldova.

Court: Russian Federation responsible for death at Transdniestria peacekeeping checkpoint

The case addressed the question of state responsibility for the actions of a Russian soldier at a peacekeeping checkpoint in Moldova which resulted in the death of Vadim Pisari.

Moldova: Court backs human rights challenge to former president’s defamation immunity

Human rights judges say Moldova was wrong to grant blanket immunity to former President of Moldova Vladimir Voronin, in defamation proceedings against him.

Judges to reveal decisions on Bulgaria and Moldova ‘police brutality’ complaints

The case against Bulgaria concerns the use of electroshock weapons by police officers. The applicant in the complaint against Moldova claims that police brutality led him to slash his wrists.

Court focus on family matters

Family matters featured prominently in today’s European Court of Human Rights judgements, with decisions on complaints from Moldova and Poland.