Court: Moldova prison without food, water, power or heating led to inmates’ human rights violations

The European court agreed with the domestic findings that the two applicants had been held in inhuman conditions between September 2002 and April 2004, owing to a lack of water, electricity, food and warmth.

Moldova: Whistle-blower civil servant wins again in rights violation complaint

An ex-government press officer turned whistle-blower, has had his human rights complaint against Moldova backed by Strasbourg judges for a second time. In today’s Chamber judgment1 in the case of Guja v. the Republic of Moldova (no. 2) (application no. …

Russia: Transdniestria businessman awarded more than €140,000 after human rights breaches

The case concerned Vitalie Eriomenco’s complaints about his conditions of detention, lack of medical treatment necessary for his health condition, his family’s inability to visit him in prison and the search and seizure of his house.

Moldova: Human rights judges award €4,000 to mum who drank tap water and got dysentery

The court decided that Svetlana Otgon’s health was endangered by drinking the infested tap water and that she received insufficient compensation.

Moldova: Mum awaits judgement on “infested tap water” human rights complaint

The case concerns Svetlana Otgon’s complaint about the amount of damages awarded to her by the courts after she drank infested tap water.