Slovenia: Court ruling on police inquiry into child porn peer-to-peer network

According to the European court, police access to subscriber information associated with a dynamic IP address needed a court order. Slovenia’s law lacked clarity.

Tech giants partner with Council of Europe to promote human rights online

The companies are Apple, Deutsche Telekom, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Kaspersky Lab, Orange and Telefónica.

Romania: Court set for workplace electronic snooping human rights judgement

The case concerns the decision of a private company to dismiss an employee, the applicant Bogdan Mihai Bărbulescu, after monitoring his electronic communications and accessing their contents, and the alleged failure of the domestic courts to protect his right to respect for his private life and correspondence.

Cyprus conference: Videos and podcasts on freedom of expression in the digital age

Experts, lawyers, academics, politicians and members of the judiciary gathered in Niçcosia last month to discuss the challenges to freedom of expression in the digital era. here is a summary of the main interviews, photos and presentations from the event.

Thorbjørn Jagland urges clampdown on web addresses promoting sex crimes against children

Governments and internet service providers must prevent the registration of web addresses which openly refer to child sexual abuse, according to Thorbjørn Jagland.