Court: Hungarian authorities failed to protect Roma against racist abuse during anti-Roma demo

In its judgement in the case of Király and Dömötör v. Hungary (application no. 10851/13), the court declared that “the applicants’ psychological integrity had not been effectively protected against what had amounted to nothing less than organised intimidation of the Roma community, by means of a paramilitary parade, verbal threats and speeches advocating a policy of racial segregation.

Hungary: Court suspends examination of more than 6800 inadequate detention conditions complaints

According to the European court: “Having regard to the ensuing legislation adopted by the Hungarian Parliament on 25 October 2016, the court noted that new domestic remedies are being introduced in Hungary concerning this problem which may be capable of redressing the grievances of the applicants in the cases pending before it.”

Hungary: European ministerial conference targets doping, match-fixing and sports’ good governance

The Tuesday 29 November Budapest conference of European sports ministers and officials is organised by the Council of Europe under its Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport (EPAS).

European court rules against Hungary in free expression NGO human rights dispute

The case concerned the authorities’ refusal to provide an NGO with information relating to the work of ex officio defence counsel, as the authorities had classified that information as personal data that was not subject to disclosure under Hungarian law.

Hungary: Anti-torture committee critical of treatment and conditions of migrants and refugees

The Council of Europe’s Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT) established that the majority of detained foreign nationals interviewed stated that they had been treated correctly by police and prison officers or armed guards. But its report also reveals that a “considerable number” of foreign nationals complained of ill treatment by police and discovered wanting conditions in some detention centres.