Hungary: Court backs media company in Internet hyperlinks human rights row

Human rights judges have today condemned a libel verdict against a Hungarian media company, stressing the importance of hyperlinks on the Internet.

Hungary: News website awaits court decision in Jobbik hyperlink free expression complaint

The case centres on a complaint by the website after it published a hyperlink to content which defamed the Jobbik political party.

Hungary: Court hearing spotlights human rights row over election law

The case concerns a political party’s complaint about domestic court findings that a mobile telephone application it developed to allow voters to show and comment on invalid ballots cast during a 2016 referendum on European Union migrant relocation, plans broke election rules.

Hungary: Court backs unionists over airport protest ban

Human rights judges ruled today that Hungary was wrong to ban a trade union demonstration scheduled to take place on the road to the capital’s international airport.

Hungary : Court rejects widow’s “trampling on the memory of Faludy” human rights complaint

The case concerned the widow of György Faludy’s complaint that the Hungarian courts had refused to award her compensation for damage to her reputation after she had brought legal action over a newspaper headline.