Hungary: Motorist suffered inhuman and degrading treatment after police breathalyser refusal

The case concerned the applicant being forced to take a urine test via a catheter on suspicion of his being under the influence of alcohol or drugs while driving.

Hungary: Policy brutality human rights violations lead to €10,000 award

The case concerned the applicant Zsolt Csonka’s allegation that he had been slapped, kicked and punched by the police when taken in for questioning about a theft of timber.

Hungary: Court backs media company in Internet hyperlinks human rights row

Human rights judges have today condemned a libel verdict against a Hungarian media company, stressing the importance of hyperlinks on the Internet.

Hungary: News website awaits court decision in Jobbik hyperlink free expression complaint

The case centres on a complaint by the website after it published a hyperlink to content which defamed the Jobbik political party.

Hungary: Court hearing spotlights human rights row over election law

The case concerns a political party’s complaint about domestic court findings that a mobile telephone application it developed to allow voters to show and comment on invalid ballots cast during a 2016 referendum on European Union migrant relocation, plans broke election rules.