Greece: Judges back prisoners in Chios jail overcrowding human rights complaint

The applicants essentially submitted that Chios Prison was overcrowded to the point that it was standard practice for inmates to have to sleep on the floor in their cells. They also complained about the lack of hygiene and inadequate medical care.

Greece: Media professionals win court victory after actress “insult” human rights dispute

The case concerned an award of damages of 30,000 euros (EUR) against the director of a daily newspaper (Kapsis) and a journalist (Danikas), jointly with the newspaper’s proprietor, for a press article describing as “completely unknown” an actress who had been appointed to an advisory board on subsidies awarded by the authority for theatres.

Greece: Court rules against “haircut” on bonds human rights challenge

Judges ruled today that the “haircut” on bonds held by individuals geared to restructuring the Greek public debt during the crisis did not violate their property rights.

Greece: Dad awarded €7,000 after child access human rights ruling

The case concerned the difficulty, followed by the impossibility, for a father of two children, who had been judicially separated from the mother, to have contact with his children despite a court decision granting him access rights.

Greece: Secretary General Jagland meets Prime Minister Tsipras

Greece has faced major problems in dealing with the refugee crisis but has made a significant effort to handle the issues, Thorbjørn Jagland declared during his visit to the country.