Germany: Court set to announce ruling on killer’s deportation human rights challenge

The case concerned the risk of Farida Kathoon Khan’s deportation to Pakistan, after having committed murder in Germany in a state of mental incapacity.

Germany: New anti-corruption report urges greater transparency in party financing

The Council of Europe’s Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) praises Germany for adopting legislation that should pave the way for its ratification of the Criminal Law Convention on Corruption and its Additional Protocol. However, the country’s authorities have failed to comply with these recommendations, first suggested nearly seven years ago.

Germany: Judges reject building company’s human rights complaint against social welfare contribution

Judges have ruled that a German company’s obligation to participate in a the construction industry’s social welfare fund did not breach European human rights law.

Germany: Right to privacy of Oliver Kahn’s children was sufficiently protected by courts

The case concerned the repeated publication of photos of the children of Oliver Kahn, former goalkeeper of the German national football team in two magazines aimed at the general public, in
spite of a blanket ban on publication ordered by a court.

Germany: Sex offender treatment returns to human rights spotlight

Judges will reveal their decision in the case Blühdorn v. Germany (no. 62054/12) on 18 February. It was brought by the applicant, Karsten Blühdorn, who is currently detained in Riedstadt Psychiatric Hospital.