Court backs Germany’s refusal to reimburse legal expenses of Sobibór extermination camp guard John Demjanjuk

In May 2011, the late John Demjanjuk was convicted by a regional court for the murder of 28,060, persons while acting as a guard in the Sobibór extermination camp, but the proceedings were discontinued after his death in March 2012 while an appeal on points of law was still pending.

Germany: Bild and Axel Springer human rights complaint set for court judgement

The case concerns a ban on the two applicant companies publishing or distributing a disputed photograph.

Court backs Germany over Islamic State activist’s Tunisia deportation

The case concerned the Haykel Ben Khemais Saidani’s deportation from Germany to Tunisia, because he was deemed to be a potential offender who posed a threat to national security (so-called “Gefährder”), based on his activities for “Islamic State”.

Germany: Court backs public access to online archives over convicts’ ‘right to be forgotten’

The case concerned the refusal by the Federal Court of Justice to issue an injunction prohibiting three different media from continuing to allow Internet users access to documentation concerning the applicants’ conviction for the murder of a famous actor and mentioning their names in full.

Germany: Court rejects blogger’s Nazi Himmler free expression complaint

The case concerned Hans Burkhard Nix’s conviction for posting a picture on his blog in 2014 of the former SS chief Heinrich Himmler in SS uniform wearing a swastika armband.