Georgia: Human rights court decision looms in Jehovah’s Witness complaint against harassment

The case concerns alleged harassment of Jehovah’s witnesses in Georgia.

Georgia: Criminal conviction of aviation agency’s former chairman breached human rights law

The case concerned the pre-trial detention of the former the chairperson of the Civil Aviation Agency (CAA) of Georgia and his criminal conviction of abuse of power.

Georgia: Regional conference on money in politics

Money’s impact on politics and politicians will be examined at a regional conference later this week in Tbilisi.

Georgia: National courts breached boys’ human rights after mum’s death

Human rights judges say Georgia’s courts were wrong to order three boys, living with their mother’s family after her death, to return to their father’s care.

Georgia: New report warns of worsening inter-faith tensions

“The very low number of completed investigations and criminal prosecutions of hate crime undermines trust in the police and the reported bias demonstrated in favour of the dominant religion (Georgian Orthodox Christianity) is increasingly resented by persons belonging to national and religious minorities,” states a new report published today by the Advisory Committee of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities (FCNM).