Georgia: New human rights court hearing for former PM Ivane Merabishvili

The applicant, Ivane Merabishvili, is a Georgian national who was born in 1968 and is currently serving a prison sentence for a number of offences including vote-buying and misappropriation of property.

Georgia: Court backs 13 Jehovah’s Witnesses in religious discrimination human rights dispute

The applicants submitted that in 2000 and 2001 they had been the victims of various instances of intimidation and aggression towards Jehovah’s Witnesses either by Orthodox religious extremists or by the authorities, including the police.

Georgia: Human rights court decision looms in Jehovah’s Witness complaint against harassment

The case concerns alleged harassment of Jehovah’s witnesses in Georgia.

Georgia: Criminal conviction of aviation agency’s former chairman breached human rights law

The case concerned the pre-trial detention of the former the chairperson of the Civil Aviation Agency (CAA) of Georgia and his criminal conviction of abuse of power.

Georgia: Regional conference on money in politics

Money’s impact on politics and politicians will be examined at a regional conference later this week in Tbilisi.