Video: Gender and justice – women’s unequal access to the legal system

Many observers fear that the rule of law too often rules out women.

Women’s safety ‘Istanbul Treaty’ enters into force

Known also as the “Istanbul Convention” because it was opened for signature there three years ago, the treaty obliges the governments which have ratified it to take specific steps to counter all forms of violence against women: from stalking and sexual harassment to domestic violence, forced marriage and female genital mutilation.

Viewpoint Q & A: Zara Todd – My wishes for Women’s Day 2014

In the first of two question and answer viewpoints to celebrate international Women’s Day (8 March), Zara Todd, an activist, campaigner and youth worker, discusses gender inequality and disability concerns.

Witness: Giorgio Loddo – Europe’s concern over human trafficking and the sex trade

Human trafficking, prostitution and the ‘Nordic model’ ban on the purchase of sexual services are discussed by Parliamentary Assembly administrator Giorgio Loddo, in the conclusion to this ‘Witness’ series.

Podcast: Gender inequality and violence against women – a vicious circle

Sonia Sirtori reviews the activities of the Parliamentary Assembly’s ‘Women free from Violence’ campaign.