Court: France right to refuse disability allowance to woman living in Algeria

Human rights judges have dismissed a complaint from a woman who argued that France should pay her a supplementary disability allowance, even though she was living in Algeria.

France: Court rejects suspected gangster’s human rights complaint

The case concerned Kiril Zlatkov Nikolov, a Bulgarian national, who was suspected of having committed an offence related to organised crime, who had to wait almost four days before being brought before an investigating judge, and the failure to record his interrogations.

France: Calais migrant camp closure raises unaccompanied minors fears

In a new report, Tomáš Boček, the Secretary General’s Special Representative on migration and refugees, has revealed his concern that France has yet to offer detailed plans for the accommodation and care of all those in “the Calais Jungle.”

François Hollande: “We need the Council of Europe more than ever”

“France stands alongside the Council of Europe and I am confident that the Council of Europe stands alongside France in all efforts to promote peace, freedom and democracy,” France’s president declared.

France confirms six month state of emergency extension after Nice murders

Following the murderous attack in Nice, French authorities have confirmed to the Council of Europe the extension by six months of the country’s State of Emergency.