France: Court rejects Traveller complaint against caravan parking ban

Judges have rejected a human rights complaint against France from a Romanian Traveller stopped from parking his caravan illegally in a cul-de-sac near a public road.

France: Court ruling in drug-trafficker electronic surveillance complaint

Judges have ruled that France must pay €3,500 costs and expenses of a suspected drugs trafficker after upholding a human rights complaint against national authorities.

France: Judges reject lesbian couple’s artificial insemination human rights challenge

The application concerned a female married couple who had applied for medically assisted reproduction by means of artificial insemination. The application was rejected by Toulouse Hospital on the grounds that “the Bioethics Law currently in force in France did not authorise such medical provision for same-sex couples”.

France: Suspected drug-trafficker hopes for human rights backing against police electronic surveillance

A suspected drug trafficker hopes Strasbourg judges will back his complaint that France violated his human rights by placing his car and telephone under electronic surveillance.

France: Conviction of MP for contempt of court did not breach human rights law

The complaint was lodged by Damien Meslot, was a Member of Parliament for the Territoire de Belfort département until 2017.