Austria: Child abduction human rights complaint reaches judgement

A French father will hope for the backing of Strasbourg judges next week, when his human rights complaint against Austria, over the abduction of his children, reaches judgement.

France: ‘Councillor v. mayor’ defamation human rights row reaches court judgement

The case concerns the criminal conviction of a municipal councillor for public defamation against a mayor and his first deputy on account of remarks made by him at a meeting of the municipal council.

Court : France right to use phone tap transcript in judge’s disciplinary proceedings

The case concerned the use, in the context of disciplinary proceedings against a judge, of the transcript of a telephone conversation that had been intercepted by chance in criminal proceedings in which the judge had not been involved.

France: Court rules against DNA database conviction

The case concerned the applicant’s refusal to undergo biological testing, the result of which was to be included in the national computerised DNA database (FNAEG).

France: Court rejects DNA database complaint

The case concerned the refusal of applicants Felix Dagregorio and Alain Mosconi, to undergo biological testing, the results of which were to be included in the national computerised DNA database (FNAEG).