France: Court ruling on ‘Sarkozy’ human rights complaint

The case concerned criminal proceedings brought against the applicant Abdoul Aziz Thiam, in the course of which the former President of the French Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy, applied to join the proceedings as a civil party.

Court : French authorities negligent in ‘double-seated embrace’ police restraint death

The case was brought by Annissa Semache, an Algerian national who was born in 1987 and lives in Argenteuil (France). It concerned the death of the applicant’s father, Ali Ziri, who was 69 years old, following his arrest by the police and his detention in Argenteuil police station.

France: Human rights judges make €69,000 award to parents of youth shot by police

The case concerned the necessity and proportionality of the use of force by the law-enforcement agencies in the context of the death of the applicants’ son, who was shot and killed by a gendarme while travelling in the rear of a fleeing vehicle.

France: Court backs lawyer over ‘all-white jury’ police acquittal sanction

Judges have backed a lawyer disciplined by French authorities after claiming an all-white jury helped acquit a police officer prosecuted over a suspect’s car chase death.

France: No court opposition to expulsion to Algeria of Salafist imam

The applicant, M. D., is a Salafist imam who is subject to a decision ordering his deportation from France to Algeria.