European Court of Human Rights: 2015 – The Story So Far (Part 1)

All the key complaints and controversies affecting the court between January and March this year, are right here in this review.

Assembly: States ‘ignore’ nearly 11,000 European Court judgements

Almost 80 per cent of the backlog is from nine states – Italy, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Greece, Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria.

Podcast: Public consultation on the future of the European Court of Human Rights

“I’m very pleased with the results,” says David Milner. “We really received a feedback from our hoped-for target group.”

Turkey: Family awarded €30,000 after conscript’s murder

Eight relatives of a Turkish soldier murdered by a another conscript during military service have been awarded €30,000 by human rights judges.

Judges make €8,000 awards after human rights violations in Portugal and Turkey

Awards totalling €8,000 were made by human rights judges today, following breaches of human rights law by Portugal and Turkey.