Thorbjørn Jagland: Let’s celebrate rather than caricature the European Court of Human Rights

In an article in the New York Times, Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland, outlines how a “breakdown in the postwar consensus that accepted international law as a fair price for peace and prosperity,” is affecting the work and reputation of the European court.

New European court factsheets

The reviewed case law concerns armed conflicts and Roma and Travellers communities

European Court: New overview of 2016 case-law

The January to June compilation is a selection of cases of interest “from a legal perspective.”

European human rights institutions launch new justice guide

“This handbook summarises key access to justice principles, drawing on a wide body of European law and jurisprudence,” says President of the European Court of Human Rights Guido Raimondi.

European Court of Human Rights: 2015 – The Story So Far (Part 2)

This has been another important year for the European Court of Human Rights … as shown in this second part of the review of the court’s year so far!