Switzerland: Anti-torture report warns against life imprisonment and Geneva drug task force police brutality

An expert anti-torture report on Switzerland expresses “serious reservations” about the continued use of life imprisonment and raises allegations of police brutality linked to the Geneva canton drug task force.

Report: Belgium must tackle prison staff strikes and “chronic” over-crowding

In a report published today, the Council of Europe’s anti-torture committee (CPT) calls on Belgium to solve its chronic problem of prison overcrowding. The CPT also wants the national authorities to take measures to ensure that strikes of prison staff …

Albania: Poor detention conditions and prison healthcare revealed in new anti-torture report

The Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT) report also warns against the situation of forensic psychiatric patients and legal safeguards for involuntary hospitalisation.

Romania: Anti-torture unit confirms “credible allegations” of prison ill-treatment

A delegation of the Council of Europe anti-torture committee (CPT) visited Romania in June 2014 and received the most serious allegations from inmates held in high security conditions in the Arad and Oradea prisons

Anti-torture unit reports on Spain’s treatment of irregular migrants

The CPT report examines the treatment of irregular migrants intercepted in Melilla and assesses Spain’s compliance with previous anti-torture recommendations.