Podcast: Don’t panic, parent! Raising children in the age of the internet

“Parents should ask their children to show them their favourite websites and games, so that they can learn together,” says e-safety expert Elizabeth Milovidov, keynote speaker at a ‘Safer Internet Day’ conference. “With digital parenting, you have to bring your offline skills online.”

Video: Democratic participation and the challenge of social media use in the classroom

In this video, contributors to an eight day summer school for teachers examine ways of increasing democratic participation and also analyse the use of social media networks in classrooms.

France: Court judgements to highlight rights of surrogate parents and children

The rights of surrogate parents and their children will be the subject of two human rights judgements on Thursday.

Video : Summer school for teachers

Education specialist Josef Huber, Head of the Pestalozzi Programme, previews the summer school for teachers, which starts on 28 June.

Germany: Adoption-row mum loses access human rights battle

German courts were right not to accept claim by mother to have contact with and information about the children she had given up for adoption, human rights judges ruled today.