Belgium: Prison strike led to inmate’s human rights violations

The case concerned the deterioration in John Clasen’s conditions of detention in Ittre Prison during a strike by prison wardens between April and June 2016.

Belgium: Grand Chamber set for judgement in Aleppo asylum seekers’ failed visa complaint

A Syrian family, refused humanitarian asylum visas by Belgium will have its human rights complaint judged by the European court’s Grand Chamber, it has been confirmed.

Belgium: Courtroom ban on woman wearing Islamic headscarf breached human rights law

Judges ruled today that Belgian authorities were wrong to exclude from a courtroom a woman who refused to remove her Islamic headscarf (hijab).

Belgium: Decision looms in human rights complaint over Muslim’s courtroom headscarf ban

A Muslim, banned from a Belgian courtroom after refusing to remove her hijab headscarf, will find out tomorrow if judges accept that her human rights were violated.

Belgium: Parents hope for judges’ backing as son’s prison death court judgement looms

The case concerns the death of Michael Tekin (born in 1978), in Jamioulx Prison in 2009. Relying on Articles 2 (right to life) and 3 (of inhuman or degrading treatment) of the European Convention on Human Rights, Michael Tekin’s parents complain about their son’s death; they consider that the force used was neither absolutely necessary nor proportionate.