Azerbaijan: Student’s YouTube human rights breach leads to €22,500 award

The case concerned student Ilkin Bakir oglu Rustamzade’s arrest and detention in 2013 for allegedly filming some friends dancing in a park and uploading the video of it to YouTube.

Azerbaijan: Human rights judges declare “multiple violations” of convention after “unacknowledged detention and ill-treatment” of academic

The case Mammadov and Others v. Azerbaijan (application no. 35432/07) concerned Mammadov’s – a Talysh language specialist and editor-in-chief of an Azerbaijani-Talysh newspaper – complaint that he had been arrested in 2007, held in unacknowledged detention for 24 hours and then sentenced to 15 days’ administrative detention which he spent in a location unknown either to his family or lawyer.

Azerbaijan: Court ruling on journalist’s ‘sex-smear’ human rights complaint

Human rights judges ruled today that Azerbaijani authorities failed to investigate the “serious invasion” of journalist Khadija Ismayilova’s privacy.

Azerbaijan: Journalist’s allegations of politically-motivated sex-smear campaign set for court judgement

The case concerns an alleged smear campaign against the well-known journalist Khadija Rovshan qizi Ismayilova.

Court: Award-winning Azerbaijani journalist’s rights were breached

Haziyev used to write for the newspaper Azadliq and was the presenter of a TV show, “Azerbaijani Hour”,which was critical of the government, winning an international award in 2016 for his work.