Azerbaijan: Police assault on ‘Demokrat’ newspaper editor breached European human rights laws

Mustafa Hajili was editor-in-chief of the Demokrat newspaper. The case concerned his allegations that, after attempting to attend a protest in Baku’s Fountains Square, he had been arrested by police and assaulted by officers whilst in custody.

Azerbaijan: Thorbjørn Jagland reacts strongly to Supreme Court rejection of Ilgar Mammadov’s appeal

“Today, Azerbaijan’s highest court has failed to uphold the country’s legal obligation to execute the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights,” the Secretary General declared.

Venice Commission legal experts raise alarm over draft modifications to Azerbaijan’s constitution

A preliminary opinion by the Council of Europe’s constitutional law experts criticizes draft modifications to Azerbaijan’s constitution. These changes will be put to a national referendum on Monday 26 September.

Azerbaijan: Assembly president welcomes 148 prisoner release

Vaclav Havel Prize-winner Anar Mammadli, is among 148 prisoners released today by Azerbaijan’s authorities.

Azerbaijan: Editor’s police brutality complaint wins human rights court support

After considering the complaint brought by Hilal Alif oglu Mammadov, human rights judges found three violations of European human rights law and awarded 13,000 euros (EUR) (non-pecuniary damage) and EUR 2,500 (costs and expenses) as just satisfaction.