New anti-torture expert report on Armenia

Ill-treatment of suspects detained by Armenian police and threats of reprisals issued to their families, are revealed in a new anti-torture report published today.

Switzerland: Armenian genocide-denial complaint set for Grand Chamber hearing

The applicant, Doğu Perinçek, is a Turkish national , who, as the chairman of the Turkish Workers’ Party, participated in various conferences in Switzerland in 2005 and publicly denied that the Ottoman Empire had perpetrated the crime of genocide against the Armenian people in 1915.

Court: Azerbaijani refugees set for Nagorno-Karabakh Grand Chamber hearing

Complaints by Azerbaijani refugees that they were forced to flee from their homes in 1992 during the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh will be heard by the Grand Chamber of the European Court next month.

Jagland urges political leaders to reject hate speech as Europe needs migrants

The Secretary General told a high level conference on combating racism, xenophobia and intolerance that “European societies have always been diverse, and we need this diversity.”

Alternative sentencing conference opens in Yerevan

Contributors to the Yerevan event, entitled: ‘Reducing use of custodial sentences in line with European standards,’ will discuss ways of bringing the Armenian prison system closer to European standards, notably to the European Prison Rules and other recommendations of the Council of Europe.