Armenia: Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland expresses concern over Yerevan hostage crisis

“I call on all those concerned to put an end to this dangerous situation without delay, and to return to the use of democratic means,” the Secretary General declared.

Armenia: New anti-money laundering measures and financing of terrorism report

“Significant weaknesses in the investigation and prosecution of money laundering” in Armenia, are uncovered in a new Council of Europe report.

Switzerland: Court ruling on Armenian genocide-denial complaint

Today, judges ruled that Switzerland did breach human rights law in taking legal action against a Turkish politician who publicly denied that the Ottoman Empire had committed genocide against the Armenian people in 1915.

Nils Muižnieks: Gender inequality and violence against women are serious human rights concerns in Armenia

The Commissioner for Human Rights wants “measures commensurate” with the extent of the problem of violence against women, including domestic violence, in Armenia.

New anti-torture expert report on Armenia

Ill-treatment of suspects detained by Armenian police and threats of reprisals issued to their families, are revealed in a new anti-torture report published today.