Armenia: Former president Levon Ter-Petrosyan awaits human rights court judgement

Next week, a former president of Armenia will find out if Strasbourg judges back his human rights complaint against national authorities.

Armenia: Judges’ ruling on ‘enriched uranium smuggling’ human rights complaint

The case concerned criminal proceedings brought against an Armenian national, Garik Dadayan, for aiding and abetting the smuggling of enriched uranium into Georgia.

New anti-human trafficking report on Armenia

Experts want Armenia to do more to prevent trafficking of children, trafficking for labour exploitation, as well as to protect and assist victims.

Armenia: Court backs killer’s human rights challenge

A convicted killer today won the backing of human rights judges in his complaint against Armenia.

Armenia: Drugs in cake prison scam led to human rights violations

Human rights judges have sided with a prisoner who complained that Armenia’s authorities were wrong to prevent him questioning prosecution witnesses against him.