Ukraine : Congress’ Russian delegation sets out its concerns

A ‘Statement on Ukraine,’ has been published by Russia’s delegation to the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities, following the organisation’s strong opposition to the country’s actions in Crimea.

Greece: Human rights commissioner urges law-makers to reject change to draft immigration code

Nils Muižnieks has used Facebook to reveal his concern over “the introduction by the government of the amendment to Article 19 of the draft immigration code, which would allow deportation following the rejection of any migrant’s complaint that they have been victim of racist or other unlawful violence by law enforcement officers.”

Russia: Judges agree new human rights hearing into ’30-day detention of mentally-disturbed boy’ complaint

Following a request from the Russian government, a panel of five judges referred the complaint Blokhin v. Russia (no. 47152/06) to the European Court’s Grand Chamber at its 24 March meeting.

Latvia: €1 million court award after Free Port of Riga human rights breach

Judges have ordered Latvia to pay more than €1 million in just satisfaction to two land-owners following a breach of human rights law.

Anne Brasseur: Ukraine needs security, a constitution and democratic reforms

“The number one priority here has to be the adoption of a new constitution, followed by the adoption of a unified electoral law that can enable the forthcoming elections to proceed smoothly,” the assembly president declared, at the end of a three-day visit to the country.