Something for the weekend (32)

Commemorations of William Shakespeare’s birthday, celebrations of a landmark treaty, affirmation of the importance of web governance and joy at Jodie Foster’s nuptials, ensured that the cup of the Council of Europe’s Twitterverse ranneth over this Easter week.

Russia: Court accepts parents’ human rights protest over son’s military service death

Parents, Vera Perevedentseva and Sergey Perevedentsev, applicants in the case, do not believe that their son, Mikhail Perevedentsev, committed suicide, alleging that bullying – under a system called dedovshchina played a part in his death.

Witness: Marinus Hazekamp – Why we need more male primary school teachers

School director Marinus Hazekamp discusses his reasons for believing that primary schools would benefit from having more male teachers.

Finland: Journalist hopes for free expression court victory after homicide story defamation conviction

Journalist Tiina Johanna Salumäki claims her conviction for defamation was a breach, by Finland, of human rights law.

Italy: Prisoner awarded €25,000 after judges back human rights protest

The case concerned the prisoner’s imprisonment in conditions that he considered degrading in view of his state of health.