Court: Greece wrong to make soldier pay to leave army

Forcing a soldier to pay 109,527 euros for the right to resign from Greece’s army, breached European human rights law, judges ruled today.

Poland : Nationalism, intolerance and racism are on the rise

In its report published today, the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) revealed concern over hate speech directed at LGBT people, the mobilisation of extremist groups, “occasionally in conjunction with racist football supporters’ associations or foreign nationalist groups” and manifestations of racism at sports events.

ECRI urges Albania to tackle hate speech and Roma inclusion

The ECRI report also confirms that access to justice for victims of discrimination remains difficult and no reliable data on hate crime exists.

Election observers report on Turkish parliamentary elections

“Fundamental freedoms were generally respected,” international election monitors have revealed after Turkey’s parliamentary elections yesterday. “Unfortunately, the campaign was tainted by a high number of attacks on party offices and serious incidents of physical attacks, some resulting in fatalities.”

Romania: Conference to target strategic threat of prison radicalisation

Contributors will also examine whether and how opening prisons to outside agencies, private companies, civil society and the local communities could help to better prepare prisoners for release without undermining safety and security.