France: Court judgements to highlight rights of surrogate parents and children

The rights of surrogate parents and their children will be the subject of two human rights judgements on Thursday.

Russia: Jehovah’s Witness followers await court ruling on human rights protest

The case concerns the disruption of a Jehovah’s Witness religious meeting by armed riot police and the detention of its participants.

France: Court set for judgement on Muslim woman’s human rights protest against full-face veil ban

Next Tuesday (1 July) , human rights judges will announce their decision on a complaint by a Muslim woman against France’s decision to prevent her from wearing a full-face veil in public.

Video : Summer school for teachers

Education specialist Josef Huber, Head of the Pestalozzi Programme, previews the summer school for teachers, which starts on 28 June.

Azerbaijan: Assembly rapporteur’s concern at situation of human rights defenders

Human rights protection in Azerbaijan has worsened over the past eight months, according to the Parliamentary Assembly’s Mailis Reps.