France: Anti-corruption experts urge greater compliance with international standards

Only two of 11 anti-corruption recommendations made by European experts, have been introduced in France, according to a new Council of Europe report.

Ukraine: Court gives backing to media free expression complaint

Newspaper criticism of a spokeswoman for former Prime Minister Victor Yanukovych, should not have resulted in legal action against the publishing company.

Podcast: Gender equality and men as feminists

In this podcast, Max, from Ukraine, discusses the idea of men as feminists.

Podcast: Islam and gender equality

Londoner Nabihah frankly admits that it is “very tough being a Muslim woman at the moment” and reveals that many gender equality concerns are taboo topics within her Bangladeshi community.

Croatia: Nationalist “surge” has negative impact on minorities

Hate speech has become more acceptable in the media and in political discourse, according to a new opinion on Croatia by the Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities (FCNM).