Podcast: EUROPOL – Organised crime’s involvement in migrant smuggling is on an “unprecedented scale”

European police office migration expert Alvaro Rodriguez Gaya, says that the collapse of state authority in Libya has boosted the 30,000 criminals now involved in migrant smuggling within the European Union area.

My Parliamentary Assembly week: Franseza Pardoe on Al Jazeera ‘politics’ and Europe’s migration crisis

Franseza Pardoe’s personal look at this weeks assembly debates and side events.

Video: Yousef Kak – My refugee story

In this video, refugee Yousef Kak, reveals his long, three-country, struggle to find peace, freedom and security after fleeing the civil strife in Syria.

Podcast: Does ‘Big Pharma’s’ influence weaken Europe’s health sector?

“The new drugs and treatment are too expensive and we can’t afford to pay,” says the Swiss parliamentarian Liliane Maury Pasquier.

Parliamentary Assembly: Václav Havel Human Rights Prize 2015 awarded to Russian activist Ludmilla Alexeeva

Alexeeva, 88, scooped the prize which honours outstanding civil society action in defence of human rights.