Azerbaijan: Assembly president welcomes 148 prisoner release

Vaclav Havel Prize-winner Anar Mammadli, is among 148 prisoners released today by Azerbaijan’s authorities.

Germany: Right to privacy of Oliver Kahn’s children was sufficiently protected by courts

The case concerned the repeated publication of photos of the children of Oliver Kahn, former goalkeeper of the German national football team in two magazines aimed at the general public, in
spite of a blanket ban on publication ordered by a court.

Sweden: Court set for judgment on Iranian Christian convert ‘death risk’ asylum complaint

The case concerns the refusal of asylum to an Iranian national who alleges that, if expelled to Iran, he would be at a real risk of being persecuted and punished or sentenced to death.

Russia: Nils Muižnieks publishes European court notes on Natalia Estemirova killing

Today, human rights commissioner Nils Muižnieks, has published his written European Court observations on the killing of prominent Russian human rights defender Natalia Estemirova.

European Court: Romania’s laws failed sex abuse child victim

Human rights judges have accepted that Romanian law and practice failed to provide children with effective protection against rape and sexual abuse.