Hungary : Report on compliance with anti-corruption standards

A new report reveals that Hungary’s authorities have failed to comply fully with most of the anti-corruption improvements suggested by a Council of Europe expert group.

Russia: Court awards €15,000 to ‘humiliated’ conscript

The case concerned a complaint by a conscript about degrading treatment when he was caught trying to escape from the army, including appearing undressed in front of other soldiers.

Portugal: Judges rule against novelist over ‘family libel’ human rights protest

The case concerned the criminal conviction of Almeida Leitão Bento Fernandes for libelling a number of her in-laws, following publication of a novel relating family dramas in the context of the Portuguese diaspora in the United States and the colonial war.

Five teams set to compete for €10,000 international Diversity Advantage prize

The prize will be awarded to the best real-life story showcasing the successful involvement of people of different cultural (ethnic, religious, linguistic) backgrounds in the design of innovative products, services, policies, projects and initiatives.

Nils Muižnieks: Gender inequality and violence against women are serious human rights concerns in Armenia

The Commissioner for Human Rights wants “measures commensurate” with the extent of the problem of violence against women, including domestic violence, in Armenia.