ECHR Judges To Hear Max Mosley Privacy Case

Relying on 8 (right to private life) and Article 13 (right to an effective remedy), Mosley complains that, despite the monetary compensation awarded to him by the courts following a legal victory over the News of the World newspaper, the United Kingdom failed to restore his privacy to him.

According to Mosley, the United Kingdom failed to impose a legal duty on the News of the World to notify him in advance of their intention to publish material concerning him thus giving him the opportunity to ask a court for an interim injunction and prevent the material’s publication.

Podcast : An American View Of Europe’s Integration Of Roma Communities

Gwendolyn Albert, who circulates a daily news bulletin on Roma issues to NGO’s, journalists and EU Officials, refers to the Council of Europe’s Roma integration summit meeting in October 2010 and the “Sisyphian” task of registering Roma people to vote during the wide-ranging interview.

Money Laundering: Report on Hungary

The MONEYVAL Committee’s report summarises the major anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing measures (AML/CFT) that the country accepted in January 2010.

Venice Commission To Approve UK Election Practice Overhaul

Constitutional experts from the Council of Europe are set to give their approval to an overhaul of the United Kingdom’s code of practice for election observers.

Committee Of Ministers Paves Way For Global ‘Medicrime’ Treaty

Governments across the world will be urged to sign up to a new Council of Europe treaty criminalizing the manufacture and supply of counterfeit medical products.