How the Council of Europe Spends Your Money

The Council of Europe announced its commitment to reducing expenditure, reducing costs and redeploying resources to priority sectors when this year’s financial programe was adopted last November.

Mediator Training Programme To Boost Roma Integration

Olöf Olafsdottir, the organisation’s Director of Education and Languages, told an Brussels Hearing on Education and training this morning that mediators, selected from 16 countries will start training in Strasbourg on 26-29 January.

Ukraine Family Awarded €90,000 After Human Rights Complaint

The case concerned the applicants’ relative’s death in a sobering-up facility as a result of police ill-treatment and the lack of effective investigation into it.

Divorce In The Netherlands

“After a divorce, most men are better off financially than when they were married,” author Marijke ter Voert declares in her examination of divorce in the Netherlands.

Swiss ‘Extraterrestrials Movement’ Poster Ban Did Not Limit Freedom Of Expression

The Raelian Movement is an organisation based in Geneva and founded in 1976 with the stated aim of making initial contact and developing good relations with extraterrestrials. Permission to put up posters was denied on the ground that the Raelian Movement had engaged in activities that were immoral and contrary to public order.