Opening of the ECHR judicial year

The launch of ‘Conscience of Europe: 50 Years of the European Court of Human Rights,’ concludes the celebrations marking the Court’s 50th anniversary in 2009 and the 60th anniversary of the European Convention on Human Rights in 2010.

Romania loses prisoner ‘passive smoking’ court battle

The case concerned the applicant’s exposure to fellow prisoners’ tobacco smoke in shared cells, while being transported to court and in the waiting areas before his court appearances.

Finnish journalists awarded €37,000 after Strasbourg court victory

The case concerned the applicants’ conviction and order to pay damages for publishing information in 2002 about the private life (contained in a court judgment) of the communications manager of Esko Aho, one of the presidential candidates during the 2000 election campaign.

President Abdullah Gül urges Europe to embrace diversity

In his address to the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly, the President proclaimed diversity as an asset to Europe and warned against the rise of hostility and social exclusion faced by ethnic and religious minorities.

Judges Back Paraplegic Man In ‘Degrading Treatment’ Human Rights Row

The case concerned the pre-trial detention of a paraplegic man suffering from chronic pain without a functioning morphine pump which he needed for the permanent pumping of morphine into his spine.