No woman, No vote

Montenegro, San Marino and Serbia have been given until the April session (11-15 April 2011) to appoint at least one woman or their voting rights will be suspended. The ban would stay in place until the inclusion of a woman is confirmed.

Video: Roma Mediators Training Programme – Day 1

On the first day of the Council of Europe’s Roma mediators training programme, Ana Oprisan, 35, a Romanian living in Istanbul, Turkey, talks about the project, her experience and her expectations.

Boris Tadić: Europe must take action against organised crime

He underlined the commitment of his country’s security forces to rooting out the global crime groups which were “as fatal as cancer” and “alarming” for their size, sophistication and adaptability.

Family of Romanian prisoner awarded €38,000 after Strasbourg court victory

The case concerned the death in prison, after being assaulted by fellow inmates, of the applicants’ relative, who had been given a short sentence for not paying a fine of about 20 euros and who was an alcoholic.

Hammarberg: Balkans war criminals must face justice

“Inter-ethnic reconciliation in the former Yugoslavia must come through justice and the effective investigation and prosecution of war-related crimes.”