France faces Roma social rights investigation

COHRE alleges that evictions and expulsions of Roma families from their homes and from France during the summer 2010 constitute a violation of the Revised Social Charter.

Anti-torture committee visits Greece

During the visit, the CPT’s delegation examined the treatment and conditions of detention of migrants held in aliens detention centres and in police and border guard stations, particularly in the Attica and Evros regions.

Thorbjørn Jagland praises Spain’s human rights advances

The Secretary General said: “It is very encouraging to see that Spain has come so far in the field of universal rights. The laws against gender violence and gay marriage are two examples of this success.

Schokkenbroek: Roma are citizens, neighbours and Europeans

Freedom of movement means the living conditions of Roma people are now a pan-European issue, Schokkenbroek added. The Council of Europe is well-placed to offer assistance through its legally-binding mechanisms, monitoring organisations and the Roma mediator programme which began in earnest last week.

Media standards boost for Ukraine

Much of the project will be devoted to the alignment of Ukraine’s media-related legislation with that of the European Union and with Council of Europe standards on freedom of expression and information.