Athens set for Dosta launch

In this Greek language interview with humanrightseurope, Eleni Tsetsekou, a Council of Europe Roma expert, discusses the importance of the campaign for Greece.

History week: Podcast – The Norwegian classroom

The classroom experience of history once centred on division and conflict. This approach with its crude stereotypes, its jingoism and its rejection of others, reached a terrifying nadir during the Second World War and the Jewish Holocaust.

The European Court of Human Rights – facts and figures (2011)

For over 50 years the Court’s rulings have resulted in numerous changes to domestic legislation and helped to strengthen the rule of law throughout the wider Europe.

Proposals for international cooperation on cross-border Internet

Later this year, the organisation will issue a declaration on internet governance principles and a recommendatioon on international cooperation to preserve access to the internet.

Court advice on EU accession to human rights convention

The text of the President of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) Jean-Paul Costa and the President of the European Court of Justice (CJEU) Vassilios Skouris offers counsel on a key and complex issue in the accession negotiations: the prior involvement of the Court of Justice where an application to the ECHR alleges that a provision of EU law is incompatible with the Convention.