Terrorism and water shortage

The Parliamentary Assembly committee noted the close links between water and security which have made water “a military and political tool and a new weapon for terrorists.”

Venice Commission set for Hungary

Tibor Navracsics, Deputy Prime Minister of Hungary and Minister of Public Administration and Justice, called in the Venice Commission on 18 February for its help in preparing a new constitution.

Ethical journalism and human rights

“States have a duty to protect the independence, freedom and diversity of the media. At the same time, the public expects journalists to report in a professional and ethical manner, to minimise harm and to act in the public interest.”

Genetically modified organisms pose “serious and numerous” risks

A draft resolution published by the Parliamentary Assembly’s Environment Committee calls for the cultivation of GMOs containing antibiotic-resistance marker genes to be banned and for studies to be conducted to clarify the impact of the possible transfer of genes from GM crops to human beings.

Human rights training for Ukrainian judges

The workshop is part of a joint programme between the Council of Europe and the European Union on Transparency and Efficiency of the Judicial System of Ukraine (TEJSU Project).