Palestinian National Council makes ‘partner for democracy’ Assembly request

Tiny Kox who is preparing a report on the request for ‘partner for democracy’ status, submitted by the Palestinian National Council, starts his four-day information visit on 21 March and is expected to meet with President Mahmoud Abbas.

Social rights in ‘flexible’ Europe

Luis Jimena Quesada, President of the European Commitee of Social Rights, assesses the impact of the Social Charter which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

Jagland:Greece must improve conditions of detention

Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland has written to Prime Minister George Papandreou urging that Greece comply with anti-torture committee recommendations.

Judgement expected in Italian schools crucifix row

The European Court of Human Rights will deliver its Grand Chamber judgment in the case of Lautsi and Others v. Italy on Friday 18 March at 15h (CET).

Media frenzy greets minority protection delegation on UK visit

The FCNM visit attracted great media attention after news leaked that Council of Europe monitors would go to the Dale Farm site in Crays Hill, dubbed “the UK’s biggest illegal green belt camp in Essex.”